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I confess-I am a photographer, not a  painter. But that doesn't mean that I don't love the medium. I am just not good at painting, so I rely on my creativity and knowledge of the software that I use to help me create paintings out of my photographs. Some may feel this is cheating, but I use it as an extension of my creative process.

  I start with my Hipstamatic camera, use my favorite filter for the scene, and then transport the image into Topaz Studio where I try to work my magic! No two paintings are created the same way, and I don't have any presets-I just use my eye to work on the photo painting.  I  try to paint each one in the way that I feel represents the scene as I took it. To stand true to my style, the colors are vibrant, and make you feel good when you look at them in your room.

All of my photographic paintings are printed on Watercolor paper to complete the look. Various sizes are available, but all are cropped square. I hope you enjoy them.

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