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Contact me with inquiries or questions: obgallery@gmail.com

My Style of Photography:

There is a common theme to most of my photographs: Vibrant color, no people, expansive horizons, big clouds, lots of water, and use of artistic expression.  I specialize in Landscape photography, primarily from the islands of the Bahamas, New England, Southern Florida, and any coastal region that offers charm, and character.    

I am often asked where the people are in my photographs? When I am out on a shoot, I like to find areas that are away from the crowds, so I can capture the beauty of the landscape or seascape without distractions from my subject. The photographs I shoot in the Bahamas are easy to get without people, as it isn't hard to find a deserted beach or island in the chain of the Exumas when you are travelling with a boat and can explore the numerous cays.

You may notice that some of my photographs look like paintings. I find at times I like to get a little creative to try to give my photograph more of a painterly look. Today’s software programs give you thousands of options, and I enjoy experimenting with new techniques. 

In my opinion, a good photograph should be one that brings out some sort of a feeling when you see it, and doesn't necessarily have to be an exact replication of what you are shooting.  It's more about the interpretation. The common emotion I try to deliver in my photography is a sense of relaxation, as that is exactly how I feel when holding a camera in my hand. We all see things differently, and when you see my photographs, I hope you see my vision, and feel a true sense of place.

All photographs on this site are available for  order. I strongly suggest choosing a Metal Print, printing on Watercolor Paper, or Metallic Paper for the best saturation and clarity. If you are a business, and would like to inquire about licensing my images for advertising purposes, please email obgallery@gmail.com with details. The photographs do well with interior design, brochures and for your website. If you would like to discuss trade- for- travel -photography for commercial usage, I am definitely  interested! Let's talk!

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